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Choose a digital product from our recommended list with just one click.

Choose your digital product review video from our auto generated list.

Simply copy and paste testimonials, features and review text.

Select as many free bonuses as you like to ethically "bribe your buyers".

One click to upload to our free cloud hosting or host yourself if you prefer.

Hi, Matt Garrett here

A huge part of my business is affiliate marketing and it has been for over 15 years.

I have made thousands and thousands of affiliate sales in that time and never stop looking for faster, easier and better converting ways to sell.

What I want to show you today is something that is saving me heaps of time and making me even more money.

I'm sure you've been told that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started generating an income online. While this is true in many ways, 'EASIEST' is a relative term.

If you've tried affiliate marketing you will already know that it isn't that easy. Many new affiliate marketers make zero sales, some make a few sales but most NEVER MAKE A PROFIT.

There are two main reasons why so many affiliate marketer simply fail.

  1. They are cold selling which generally makes for very low conversions.
  2. To create enticing pages to encourage buyers takes time (lots of it) and skills (design, copywriting, html and more). Neither of which most people have, especially when they start.

Sure all that can be learned but..

.. who has all that time and who wants to wait months or years before you start seeing your work generate actual profit.

Do you want to spend months (or more) “connecting” with your audience so they trust you enough to buy from you. Building out authority blogs, romancing your social media followers, coaxing YouTube subscribers etc?

Are you happy to keep buying “paid traffic” that simply does not create enough buyers to even get your money back?

What about learning all the new skills you will need? Want to spend a few months learning HTML and web page creation? Then a few more getting the very basics of copywriting and creating web content that actually sells?

How about graphic design – shouldn't take you too long eh? (sarcasm)

Do you want to pay out for graphics and images, video creation tools and services etc?

The list is endless, and every time your affiliate marketing fails you can tell yourself --- “I just need to learn one more skill and I'll have it nailed!” Well maybe, maybe not. Who knows?

What If You Could Bypass All That With A Simple To Use Software That Does All The Heavy Lifting For You

A fast and easy to use system that will generate beautiful, customised, digital product review pages. A system that allows you to create these high converting sales pages in minutes with a few clicks and some copy & paste.

And Does All This In Just 5 Simple Steps

  1. PICK A PRODUCT - Choose a digital product from our recommended list with just one click.
  2. SELECT VIDEO REVIEW - Choose your digital product review video from our auto generated list.
  3. ADD TESTIMONIALS – Simply copy and paste testimonials, features and review text.
  4. CHOOSE FREE BONUSES – Select as many free bonuses as you like to ethically “bribe your buyers".
  5. POST YOUR PAGE – One-click to upload to our free cloud hosting or download and host yourself if you prefer.

Creating stunning digital product review pages couldn't be easier.

Easy Pro Reviews removes all the roadblocks that are stopping you from using the same methods used by many hugely successful affiliate marketers.

People love reviews. They actively search them out before buying. Reviews engage with potential buyers creating confidence in both you and the product. This massively increases their chances of purchasing

Combined with offering free products they are powerful marking machines.

And they can be yours. Time after time, product after product, generating sales after sale.

You literally WILL NOT NEED:

  • Any design skills
  • Any programming skills
  • Any video creation skills
  • Any copywriting skills
  • Loads of spare time
  • Long learning curve


You can create stunning, highly efficient, digital product review pages that include a video review and a bucket load of bonuses that will almost force visitors to buy your affiliate offering.

It works for thousands of digital products across hundreds of niches and includes (but is not restricted to) the mainstream affiliate networks like ClickBank, JVZoo and Warrior+.

Let me ask. Have you:

  • Never used review pages but wish you could?
  • Never used review pages because you don't know how?
  • Never used review pages because you don't know how well they work?
  • Never used review pages because they are such hard work to create?

If you can relate to any of the above, or any other reason why you don't use review pages then stick with me for just a little longer.

Here's why you can (AND MUST) use review pages NOW!

Every Easy Pro Review page includes testimonials, product images, feature list, strong calls-to-action, free bonuses PLUS a product review or demo video. These are super powerful and drive phenomenal sales

Here Are The Facts:

62% of consumers watch product review videos before making a purchase.

84% of consumers surveyed were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video.

97% of video marketers said that video increased user understanding of a product or service.

76% of video marketers said video helped them increase sales.

80% increase in conversions is experienced when including a video on your landing page.

So you can see that product review or demo videos have a major influence on the buying-decision.

According to the Wyzowl survey (The State of Video Marketing 2019):

98% of the people surveyed said they had watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

Wyzowl also showed that 74% of the people interviewed, who watched an explainer video to find out more about a product or service, ended up purchasing it.

The same study showed 77% of consumers say they’ve been convinced to purchase an item or service by watching a video.

Adobe found online customers who view demo videos are 1.81x bound to purchase than non-viewers.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then maybe a product review or demo video could be worth a thousand sales:)

So Just How Do Product Review Pages Increase Conversion Rates?

Quite Simply They:

  • Engage with the visitor and build trust
  • Get viewed because people love reviews (and videos)
  • Use real review videos for authenticity and trust
  • Answers buyer questions and removes buyer barriers
  • Offer free bonuses to buyers to increase the purchase value
  • Look stunning and professional
  • Offer something that people actively seek out (product reviews)
  • Take minutes to create
  • Take seconds to upload
  • Can be created by any skill level (faster to market)
  • Are perfect for both new and experienced affiliates
  • Work with any media (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone)
  • Are web based so works with any OS browser (PC and Mac etc)

I have one more thing for you – and this is big!

Review pages are basically offering a review. It is not a direct affiliate link that would bar it from a lot of places. You are simply offering a digital product review – for free.

This means you have a lot more options as to where you can promote them.

And we want to help you do that by including our FREE TRAFFIC DRIVER.

Included in every account with EASY PRO REVIEWS is a one-click social poster that can post your free review pages to half a dozen different social networks.

See Easy Pro Reviews In Action

Create From Template

Create From Scratch

So Here's The Deal. Just Follow The 5 SIMPLE Steps
To Affiliate Success:

Choose a digital product from our recommended list with just one click.

Choose your digital product review video from our auto generated list.

Simply copy and paste testimonials, features and review text.

Select as many free bonuses as you like to ethically "bribe your buyers".

One click to upload to our free cloud hosting or host yourself if you prefer.

Image above shown only top of review page. Full page also includes features list, text review and more

Image above shown only top of review page. Full page also includes features list, text review and more

The future's bright- The future's EASY PRO REVIEWS.

  • Legitimately Sell Affiliate Products Using Other People's Videos.
  • Generate as many review pages as you want and in no time at all.
  • Get started fast with almost zero learning curve.
  • No requirement to learn new skills or purchase additional tools or services.
  • Build up a large portfolio of web collateral. Everyone a money maker.
  • One-click post your free reviews to your chosen social networks to get the traffic started – fast!
  • Final start to see affiliate product sales coming in
  • Now you can buy paid traffic sources and actually expect to make a profit
  • Make Easy Pro Reviews the start of your affiliate marketing success.

And Easy Pro Reviews Is Priced So Everyone Can Afford It.

You may well be wondering just how much a software that can save you so much time, make your life so much easier and actually get you started on your affiliate marketing success journey, will cost you?

Don't worry I've got your back. We were all in the same place once. We all struggled when starting out. We all wished we had the right tools for the job. We all wish we had that help to get off the ground.

When I first started there were not many (if any) tools to help with internet marketing. However there was some training that showed me how to do all these things manually and that is exactly how I got started a few years back.

Now I can put my experience and expertise into packages that can help others. That is exactly what EASY PRO REVIEW is. 15 years of experience, learning what works and what doesn't. A modern solution to an age old problem.

It may be more up to date, more sophisticated, more helpful and more efficient but that is no reason to put it beyond the reach of anyone.

With that in mind I have set this at a price everyone can afford (and no-one can afford NOT to buy). the end of this short launch the price will go up dramatically. So to get this at the best price you need to click the buy button now.

Of course we stand behind our products. In fact we are very proud of our products and confident in their performance.

So confident in fact that we offer a FULL 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
No questions asked.

In fact if you are not 110% happy with Easy Pro Reviews then I insist you contact us within 30 days of purchase and demand your money back. We will refund your entire purchase and still remain the best of friends.

So there is absolutely zero risk to you trying out Easy Pro Reviews.

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Easily Create Customer Sucking, Evergreen, Review Pages

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Extensive Video Training Courses to suit all budgets and expertise. We know you will want to maximise the benefits of Easy Pro Reviews so we have included video training covering a number of the main traffic sources. Like Facebook, Google and YouTube. Of course we have included an extensive SEO course and some less known but easy to implement, traffic sources (free and low cost).

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For this launch period we are also including a full commercial licence so you can create and SELL your product review pages.

Your Fast Action Bonuses

Easy Pro Reviews is completely stand alone and works brilliantly. But we want to make sure you get the max for your money and the most benefit from being one of the first to get your hands on Easy Pro Reviews so we have included some fast action bonuses for those that purchase today.

Bonus 3 - Done-For-You Review Pages Pack

This pack of pre-done review pages will get you started immediately.

One-click import any of the done-for-you review pages.

Pre-done reviews have been already created for you for a range of popular and profitable digital products in a range of niches.

Each review includes a review video, testimonials, features list etc. Get started in just one minute!

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We've done the research for you to find the highest paying offers in three of the most popular niches.

Bonus 4 - Internet Marketing

Saving you hours and hours of research and figuring out what are the best paying Affiliate Internet Marketing products available.

These top products are currently paying the highest commissions per sale to affiliates.

Many with recurring monthly payments which means up to $1500.00 per sale.

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Bonus 5 - Health & Fitness

Want to work outside the Internet Marketing niche. No problem. Here is a list of the highest paying Affiliate Health & Fitness products.

One of the biggest niches on the internet with many sub niches this hugely profitable niche to be in.

Many have recurring commissions giving you regular monthly payments.

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Bonus 6 - Dating & Relationships

Another huge niche. A rabid audience and lots of affiliate products for you to offer your potential customers.

We have put together a list of the top paying affiliate products in the Dating & Relationship niche.

All the bonuses include full historical data of the products and have been chosen for their high “average commissions per sale”.

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